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Strongly recommend Aita's new product-helicopter
Category: Company News
Date: 2018-10-15
Click: 4694
Author: 佚名

Helicopter, produced by Zhongshan AITA Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd, is a medium-sized amusement equipment with bright color matching and simulated appearance, which can attract tourists'attention in any venue.

Players can feel the ups and downs of the platform and the rhythm of speed and speed, which brings unique stimulating experience while rotating and accelerating.



Zhongshan AITA Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd  is based on the pursuit of high-quality level, reasonable product structure, excellent quality and affordable price. It is well received by users and praised by Fangda tourists. It is a must-match product for parks, squares and other amusement venues. It is a good product to bring real gold and silver to customers.


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